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The Hammerhead 2018 - Sat 3th March - Even Bigger - Even Better!

Hammerhead is run by Kallistra Ltd with assistance from The Forest Outlaws Wargamers Club, GCN and support from Miniature Wargames, Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers and Strategy.

Hammerhead 2017 - Two Great Spaces Full of Fantastic Games!

56 Manufacturers / Traders and 70 Participation Games!

Hammerhead Show 2017 report:

Many thanks to everyone who has given such valuable feedback in the two weeks since Hammerhead 2017 which has proved invaluable in writing this report. The expansion of the show with the addition of the ‘Gamers Lounge’ was to a large extent a practical response to the pressure on the catering facilities experienced at the 2016 show. The effective doubling of the catering and toilet facilities, plus the addition of an extra 900 square meters of exhibition space has proved to be a great success.

The total attendance for 2017 was 1492 on the wrist band count; this includes visitors, game presenters and traders. Because a wrist band was required to gain entry to both halls we’re pretty sure we counted just about everyone this year which saw an increase of 275 over Hammerhead 2016. There were 70 great public participation games and activities for visitors to play and enjoy, plus 56 of the very best UK manufacturers and traders providing a massive choice of wargame products covering a wide range of different scales and genres. 

The policy of making all games at Hammerhead public participation has been key to the continued success and growth of the show, and we thank the large number of game presenters for all their hard work and planning of these great games. The quality of the games on offer this year was truly exceptional and was testimony to the creativity, ingenuity, modelling skills and generosity of all the groups and individuals involved in the preparation and running of the games. Groups of gamers were still busy playing at 4.30, fully in-tune with the ‘stay all day’ policy of so many visitors, which keeps the show buzzing till late afternoon. The three ‘Forest Outlaws’ given the mission of choosing just three games to single out for awards, had a very busy time getting around so many games.

The participation game awards this year went to:

Best Visually Appealing Game - Up the Creek Without a Paddle (Boat)! - Dave and Malc Victorian Steel
Best Constructed Participation Game - Wot, No Parachute! - League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists
Overall Best Game Dalek's Invasion Earth - South London Warlords

The ‘Gamers Lounge’ proved to be a great success and a good number of people praised the catering, seating and general comfort provided by this recently re-furbished space. The bar proved to be very popular, especially around lunchtime, and a few people commented on how ‘civilised’ it was to have table clothes, comfy chairs and good food at a wargames show! Wargamers deserve a little comfort and credit must go to the staff of Newark Showground for their efforts. The DBA competition players were also very pleased with their new home. 

A very big thank you must go to the members of The Forest Outlaws Wargames Club for all their help with setting-up, knocking down, security, car parking etc. as well as presenting and running a good number of the games.

Hammerhead has now grown to be one of the biggest one-day wargame shows in the UK with 3900m2 of exhibition space. We are already working with other parties to introduce new visitor activities for next year and these will be announced in due course.

For traders and manufacturers the cost of trade stands at shows is becoming a major issue, and in recognition of this we will make every effort to continue to maintain the £50 per 6ft x 8ft stand price for Hammerhead 2018. We believe this is achievable by keeping costs under control and increasing the numbers in attendance – Sally will again organise all aspects of the show; trade stands, participation games, table-top sales, advertising, layout planning etc., and the Forest Outlaws will again provide the vital logistical support. With the continued year on year increase in visitors, we believe we can hold the 2018 entrance prices to £5 and £3.

Sally would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who helped to make Hammerhead 2017 ‘a celebration of the hobby’. She has already started planning Hammerhead 2018 which will be held on Saturday 3rd of March, so please put this date in your diary!

Written by Paul K.

The Venue

The Gamers Lounge and the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall

Cedric Ford Pavilion

The Cedric Ford Pavilion - Gamers Lounge - offers a welcoming, warm and comfortable, carpeted environment in which you can play games, shop for wargame goodies from a selection of traders. There is a fully licensed bar and seating area and it has it's own catering facilities, which will be serving a variety of reasonably priced hot and cold food throughout the day - enjoy a meal and may me a drink from the bar and socialise with fellow gamers.

George Stephenson Exhibition Hall  George Stephenson Exhibition Hall

The George Stephenson Exhibition Hall offers a welcoming environment with plenty of space (3000sq metres), with natural light in which you can play games, shop for wargame goodies from a selection of top traders positioned around the perimeter of the hall. The visitor participation games are all located in the central area of the exhibition hall. It has its own catering facilities, which will be serving a variety of reasonably priced hot and cold food throughout the day.

Car Parking Area

The car parking is plentiful and free and is located between the Gamers Lounge and the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall.

Car parking

The Newark Showground is only a few minutes from the A1. Click here for directions to Hammerhead.

The Hammerhead Experience

Every game at Hammerhead is visitor participation, which means that you are very welcome 'to have a go’ at a wide variety of different historical and fantasy based games run by intrepid gaming clubs, historical societies, wargame companies and enthusiastic groups of gamers. You will be able to play a full game or simply move a few miniatures, roll some dice, have a chat with the people running the game and then move onto the next. The show provides a great opportunity to try out new or familiar game systems and spend a day indulging yourself and friends in this absorbing and fascinating hobby. Whether you’re interested in Napoleonics, WWI and WWII, Ancients, Medieval, Fantasy or Science Fiction, we are sure that you will find a selection of games you would like to play.

Entry To Hammerhead 2018

The Gamers Lounge and the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall Hammerhead open to the public at 10:00am and close at 4:30pm. The entry wristband gives access to both halls.

Entry: £5 per adult, £3 for minors (16 and under), Children under 9 free

The Prize Draw 2018 - £150 worth of prizes!

To enter the Prize Draw - each game you participate in you will be given a Game Slip, write your name on the games slip and take this to the Prize Draw Box on the Information Desk in either the Gamers Lounge or the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall - the two boxes will be mixed together and winners drawn. Make sure you have entered all your Game slips for the Prize Draw by 3:00pm ready for the prizes to be drawn at 3:15pm. The winning numbers will be displayed in both venues on the Information desk.

Lucky winners will receive our unique Letters of Marque (LOM), each with a monetary value, First Prize £75, Second Prize £50 and Third Prize £25, only exchangeable with a trader at Hammerhead 2018 on the day. This is an extra purchase for yourself and an extra sale for our traders. The ticket holder or their named representative must be present for the draw at 3:15pm in order for them to claim their prize. If the owner of the drawn ticket is not present, another ticket will be drawn.

The Hammerhead Figure

The Hammerhead figure for 2018 is a 28mm Great War Russian general. This pewter miniature will be available for the first time on the day of the show along with the British, German, French and Austrian general figures from Hammerhead 2014, '15, '16 and 2017, for the token price of £1.

Purchase your Hammerhead Entry ticket online prior to the show and receive a FREE 28mm Hammerhead Miniature

These figures have been specially sculpted for the show and are cast in lead free pewter. (Figures are supplied unpainted and unbased)

 Hammerhead 2016 Figure
 Hammerhead 2016 Figure
Eric - Hammerhead 2015 Figure
2014 Hammerhead figure - Leader of Stallions

Hammerhead 2017
WW1 Austrian General

Hammerhead 2016
WW1 French General
Hammerhead 2015
WW1 German General
Hammerhead 2014
WW1 British General
'Leader of Stallions'
Painted and based by Karl Flinders.

Closing date for purchase of online tickets is 5 days prior to the event. (Midnight Sunday 26th Feb 2017)

The Bring & Buy - Tabletop Sale

Hammerhead show will be hosting the popular Tabletop Sales in the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall.
If you are new to this, you basically hire a table for one hour to sell your unwanted wargames items. You can deal directly with the buyers and answer any questions they may have. With no commission, you keep all the profits.

Please note there will be limited tables available, so its on a first come first served basis.

Bookings for the Tabletop Sales slots will be open from 1st February 2018

For more information on the Tabletop Sale click here

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