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Participation Games

Many thanks to all the clubs, organisations and individuals who presented their participation games at Hammerhead 2015. There were 51 games/activities booked into the main central gaming area of the venue. There was a really good mix of genre, scales, and rule systems. Many thanks for your help and support..

A Very British Discovery - VBCW Rules - A Very British Civil Forum

Aggro 70'S Football - Ainsty Casting

Assault on Reveski Redoubt - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Battle of the Marne -12mm - Raging Empire Rules - Kallistra

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Warlord Games

Border Reivers - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Cold War: The German Counter Attack - Manoeuvre Group (144th moderns) - KB Club

Command Horizon - 6mm - Wargames Emporium

Crossed Lance Medieval - Crossed Lance

Dawn's 28mm Painting - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Dead Man's Hand - Great Escape Games

Dead's Army - Peterborough Wargames Club

Dogfights with a Difference (WWII air combat) - Grantham Strategy Club

Dreadball Extreme - Mantic Pathfinders

El Cid - 28mm - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Empire of the Dead - Westwind Rangers

Fatephur Indian Mutiny - Grimsby Wargames Society

Get to the Choppa! - 28mm - Royal Air Force Wargaming Association (RAFWA)

Gruntz take on Godzzilla - Leicester Phat Cats

In Her Majesty's Name- Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (GCN)

Kings of War - Chesterfield Realms of War (GCN)

Mad Max - Stop the Truck - Mad Max v Humongous

Mike Salwey's Painting Clinic - 6mm and 12mm

Oldhammer/Where's Wally? - 28mm - Bingham & District Wargamers

Operation Tidal Wave - Tumbling Dice

Quatre heures à Quatre Bras - Derby Wargames Associates

Relic - Slayer Gaming

Rescue the 'Nighthawk' - Sarge Wargames Doncaster

Retinue and Ribauld - 28mm - Lion Rampant Rules- South East Scotland Wargamers

Robin Hood - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Sails of Glory - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

Samurai Blades - 40mm - Wyvern Wargamers

Skirmish at Northleach 1265 - Medieval Lion Rampant Rules - Sons of Simon DeMontfort

Small Skirmishes in Normandy - Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society

Soldiers of Yesterday - 28mm - 7TV Rules - Dragoon's Den

Sopwith - WWI Aerial Combat - Sons of Simon DeMontfort

Space Hulk- 3D - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Star Wars - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Star Wars Assault on Station NE-14 - KB Club

The Battle of Entombe River - 'Like a Stone Wall' Wargames Group

The Ghost Squadron - Lancaster Wargames Club

The Poney Wars - 28mm - The Rules With No Name - The 3 Shires

Trouble at Mall - Pulp Alley - Sally 4th Gamers

Trouble in IBIS - Doncaster Wargames Society

War & Conquest - 28mm - Scarab Miniatures

Warzone Resurrection - Prodos Games Crusaders

Wild West Exodus - Chesterfield Realms of War (GCN)

WWI Airwar - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

WWII - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

X-Wing - Slayer Gaming

Zulu! - 54mm - Young Nottingham Wargamers

Participation Games Awards Hammerhead 2015

Trophies were presented for the following categories:

1) Best Visually Appealing Game: Oldhammer/Where's Wally? by Bingham & District Wargamers

2) Best Constructed Participation Game: WWI Airwar - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

3) Overall Best Game: Mad Max - Stop the Truck - Mad Max v Humongous

The Winners of each category received a trophy unique to Hammerhead 2015

In addition the Best Overall Game winners have their name added to the Hammerhead Shield.

The Prize Draw

For each game in which you participate, you will be given a Game Slip. Write your name and contact details on the ticket and take this to the Information Desk where it will to be entered into the Prize Draw box. Please take part in as many games as you desire, however a maximum of 5 game slips per visitor can be entered into the Prize Draw.

Make sure you have entered your Game slips, maximum of 5, for the Prize Draw by 3:15pm ready for the prizes to be drawn at 3:30pm.

Lucky winners will receive our unique Letters of Marque (LOM), each with a monetary value, First Prize £50, Second Prize £25 and Third Prize £25, only exchangeable with a trader at Hammerhead 2014. This is an extra purchase for yourself and an extra sale for our traders. The ticket holder or their named representative must be present for the draw at 3:30pm in order for them to claim their prize. If the owner of the drawn ticket is not present, another ticket will be drawn in it's place.

Please note. We cannot be held responsible if a game does not attend.

For more information contact Sally at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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