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Participation Games 2018
Would you like to run a game?

All games presented at Hammerhead are required to be full or part participation. Do you or your club have a participation game you would like to present at Hammerhead?

This year all participation games will be entered into a raffle and a chance of winning vouchers to spend with any of the traders at Hammerhead 2018.

Trophies are presented for the following categories

1) Best Visually Appealing Game

2) Best Constructed Game

3) Best Overall Game

The Winners of each category receive a trophy unique to that years show

In addition the Best Overall Winners have their name added to the Hammerhead Shield

If you are interested in presenting a participation game at Hammerhead 2018 please contact Sally by


Details Required

Title of Game:


Details: What the game is about, rules used etc.

Number of tables Required (trestle table size 6ft x 2.5ft approx):

The 2017 Participation Games

Many thanks to all the clubs, organisations and individuals who are bringing their participation games along to Hammerhead 2017. There were 70 games/activities booked into the main central gaming area of the two halls. You can read the Hammerhead show report here and watch a video of the participation games below:


Participation Games Awards Hammerhead 2017

Trophies were presented for the following categories;

1) Best Visually Appealing Game: Up the Creek Without a Paddle by Dave and Malc - Victorian Steel

2) Best Constructed Participation Game: Wot, No Parachute! by League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists

3) Overall Best Game: Dalek's Invasion Earth by South London Warlords

The Winners of each category received a trophy unique to Hammerhead 2017

In addition the Best Overall Game winners South London Warlords had their name added to the Hammerhead Shield.

2010 Hammerhead Open Gaming Show