Public Participation Games
2020 Public Participation Games and Activities

Many thanks to all the clubs, organisations and individuals who presented the participation games at Hammerhead 2020. There were some 60 games/activities booked into the main central gaming area of the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall and the Gamers Lounge with a good mix of genre and scales.

The standard of the participation games was very high, both in terms of visual appeal and playability, the Forest Outlaws judges had a very difficult task on their hands in choosing just three games out of all those present!

38 Mins to Save the World - Royal Airforce Wargaming

7TV - Crooked Dice Games

Airbrush Demonstration - Barwell Bodyworks

Arnhem Bridge, Graebner's Charge Challenge - All Hell Let Loose

Battlecry - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Battle of North Coker - A Very British Civil Forum

Battle of Shanghai 1937 - Redditch Tabletop Gamers

Berlin or Bust - Leeds Wargames Club

Blocher - COGS

Close the Gap, WWII - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

Cruel Sea - Redcar Ironbeards

Dead's Army - Peterborough Wargames Club

DiF Locked On - Grantham Strategy Club

Driver Advance! - Huntington & District Wargames Society

ECW Fire and Fury Variation - Hornsea Contemptable

For Joshua - The Old Guard, Scruton

Gaslands Refuelled - The Bunker Boys

Gun Fight at Kev's Coral - Three Shires Gaming

Hoplite Battle - Peter's Paper Boys

Indian Mutiny - Wyvern Wargamers

Infamy, Infamy! - Harrogate Wargames Club

Isandlwana - Reveille Studios

Jaeger Mech - Blitzkrieg Miniatures

Lord of the Rings - Retford Wyvern Gaming Club

Manouver Group SciFi Ground Combat - KB Club

Maxililian Adventure - Falkirk Wargames Club

Middle Earth Dragon Rampart - James Morris and Friends

Mike's Painting Clinic - Come and have a go!

Milites Mundi - Gripping Beast

Mortal Gods - Sons of Simon De Montfort

Napoleonic Sails of Glory - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

NIMROD - Doncaster Wargames Society

One More Such Victory and We Are Undone - Derby Wargames Associates

Poached Iggs - Sons of Simon De Montfort

Poldark - Forest Outlaws Gamers

Reign of Terror! - Emperor Toads Emporium

SAGA Age of Magic - Gripping Beast

Sails of Glory - Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum

Sedgemoor by Moonlight - Prince Ruperts Bluecoats Regiment

Seven Days to the River Rhine - Great Escape Games

Sharp Practice - Like a Stone Wall Group

Sicario - Westbury Wargames

Tank Battles in the Snow - Dave, Malc and Friends

Tanks a Lot - Pocket Scenics

The Battlefields of Terrinoth - Forest Outlaws Wargamers

The Curse of the Pirate Treasure - Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society

The Drive to Warsaw 1939 - Pennine Megagames

The Magnificent Seven - Chris Hall

The Quick and the Dead - Forest Outlaws

The Storm of Aligarh and the Fall of Baji Rao 1803 - Boondock Sayntes

Trump Invaded the UK - KB Club

UFO - South London Warlords

Vanguard OpenPlay - COGS

Vintage Car Racing - Hoppiams

Walking Dead Call to Arms - COGS

Wargames Illustrated Painting Competition - Wargames Illustrated

Warploque's - ArcWorlde

Warlord Games

Whiteout - Sally 4th Gamers

Wittmanns Wild Ride - Battlefront

Zero Dark - Rescue - Precinct Omega

Zombie Glory - The Glory Boys


Participation Games Awards

Trophies were presented for the following categories

1) Best Visually Appealing Game: Isandlawana  - Reveille Studios

2) Best Constructed Participation Game: Sedgemoor by Moonlight - Prince Ruperts Bluecoat Regiment

3) Overall Best Game: Poldark - TAD Gamers

The Winners of each category received a trophy unique to the 2019 show

In addition the Best Overall Game winners have their name added to the Hammerhead Shield

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